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There comes a point sometimes as a blind person, where you just have to accept that something is inaccessible, and moreover, there is little or no chance of it being fixed. I’ve reached that point with voting. We do not … Continue reading

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Bridging the Gaps – Exploring the Link Between Art and Audio Description. Before the Event

Before The Event A group of us arrived at the Tate Modern at around 11 this morning after a slightly rougher than expected journey down the Thames from our hotel in Greenwich. I never imagined the river would have waves … Continue reading

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Storm Doris and Trains

Storm Dorris 23 February 2017 has seen the UK hit by Storm Dorris. High winds throughout most of the country and snow in Scotland. It’s now almost 10:30 in the evening and we’re on our way down to London to … Continue reading

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Aldi Versus Sainsbury’s from a Blind Person’s Perspective

As a blind person, I invariably shop online when buying groceries because I find it quicker, more convenient and it means that I don’t have to take up a member of staff’s time in store to help me to do … Continue reading

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Inaccessibility Monday

Is it Inaccessibility Monday or is it in fact just another day? Someone on my Facebook timeline had an inaccessibility day last week, being told she couldn’t take part in a walking group and something else which for the moment … Continue reading

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May I Be One of the Last to Wish my Readers a Happy New Year!

This is a very belated post. I had planned to sit down earlier this week and write about last year and my plans for this, but circumstances somewhat overtook me. When our New Year guests left, Hudson, my guide dog, … Continue reading

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Progress with my Eye

I don’t have much else to say at this stage except that I saw the consultant yesterday and I will need further surgery. I have to go back in two weeks to discuss exactly what that will be. At this … Continue reading

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