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Farewell to My Other Eye!

Or, so long and thanks for all the pain!   Having blogged fairly extensively last year about having my right eye removed, I decided that it wouldn’t make for particularly interesting reading if I did it all again but I … Continue reading

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Latest Surgery

Following on from my post in January, I have now had the surgery to put a skin and fat graft in front of my eye implant so that hopefully I will be able to have a proper moulded prosthetic eye … Continue reading

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A Little Disappointing

Yesterday I had an eye check-up as last time I went, part of the implant was showing. I hadn’t realised till I was told that the gap had measured 1 millimetre by 2. Very tiny but significant. Yesterday it was … Continue reading

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Colour Consultation

I realise that having my artificial eye has become second nature to me now, so much so that I forgot to write about my last hospital appointment. In fact, it wasn’t really like a hospital appointment at all. I went … Continue reading

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