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Farewell to My Other Eye!

Or, so long and thanks for all the pain!   Having blogged fairly extensively last year about having my right eye removed, I decided that it wouldn’t make for particularly interesting reading if I did it all again but I … Continue reading

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Latest Surgery

Following on from my post in January, I have now had the surgery to put a skin and fat graft in front of my eye implant so that hopefully I will be able to have a proper moulded prosthetic eye … Continue reading

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Inaccessibility Monday

Is it Inaccessibility Monday or is it in fact just another day? Someone on my Facebook timeline had an inaccessibility day last week, being told she couldn’t take part in a walking group and something else which for the moment … Continue reading

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A Little Disappointing

Yesterday I had an eye check-up as last time I went, part of the implant was showing. I hadn’t realised till I was told that the gap had measured 1 millimetre by 2. Very tiny but significant. Yesterday it was … Continue reading

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May I Be One of the Last to Wish my Readers a Happy New Year!

This is a very belated post. I had planned to sit down earlier this week and write about last year and my plans for this, but circumstances somewhat overtook me. When our New Year guests left, Hudson, my guide dog, … Continue reading

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Colour Consultation

I realise that having my artificial eye has become second nature to me now, so much so that I forgot to write about my last hospital appointment. In fact, it wasn’t really like a hospital appointment at all. I went … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence

Yes a great song but not what I’m writing about here. For the last 30 hours my husband has been totally silent. This in itself is no mean feat as he likes a good waffle. He is doing it to … Continue reading

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