Inaccessible Christmas

Walking to work this morning I had an overwhelming sad feeling about Christmas.

I’ve bought very safe presents this year, nothing original or quirky, for the simple reason that I’ve had to buy every single present online. I haven’t visited the shops once this year as I’ve had no one to shop with, and those who did offer to help me weren’t free at times when I was.

The other thing that’s made me sad is that we’ve got probably in the region of 15 Christmas cards and no clue who any of them are from.

About Mel Griffiths

I live and work in Nottingham, England and am blind. This blog is often centred around things that happen to me because of being blind. This is my space to write and sometimes people will disagree with what I write, but its the one place I have in which to be frank and honest. I also like to reflect on the funnier side of life from time to time.
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2 Responses to Inaccessible Christmas

  1. hi there, aww that’s a shame about the christmas cards. have done my shopping online too, purely for the easy factor. have you tried shop mobility? they can shop in the victoria centre or broad marsh. hugs.

  2. ezzie_j says:

    We can possibly help!
    Hi MEl,
    Ezzie here.
    I was just reading your lj entry and came across your xmas card problem. Spoke to Neana about it and she said that possibly, if you bring them over when you come on Saturday we might be able to read them to you.
    Its up to you of course.
    I haven’t managed to shop either, its a pain in the arse! I may be sending money.

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