Trent FM Arena and Discounts for Disabled People

Since my last post, we contacted the Arena again to register a formal complaint about the ridiculously high booking charges, plus the fact that, unlike the Royal Centre, they appeared to have no discounts for disabled people.

We were told that we had been misinformed about discounts, we could take a carer in for free. I argued the point that my partner, although blind himself, acts as my carer in these situations. I wouldn’t feel safe going to the Arena without him and he acts as my guide to a certain extent as he manages much better than I do with a cane, and an arena concert is not the place to take a guide dog.

It was touch and go, I thought they weren’t going to go for it, but they did! Result!

About Mel Griffiths

I live and work in Nottingham, England and am blind. This blog is often centred around things that happen to me because of being blind. This is my space to write and sometimes people will disagree with what I write, but its the one place I have in which to be frank and honest. I also like to reflect on the funnier side of life from time to time.
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