Sad Sunday

This is going to be a 100% self indulgent post, so look away now if you don’t want to read!

Having had my partner move in rather suddenly after he was made redundant in July, it took a little while for us to adjust but its worked really well. He’s worked really hard with job applications in that time and starts his new job tomorrow. I’m so proud of him.

But, its in Birmingham, so we’re back to just seeing each other at weekends again. I know its not really a big thing, but it feels like such a backward step and something we never planned. We always thought that once we moved in together, it’d be permanently. I know this is still his home and he’s only going away to work during the week, but it feels so much bigger than that having just seen him off.

I hate living on my own, and got used to not doing very quickly.


About Mel Griffiths

I live and work in Nottingham, England and am blind. This blog is often centred around things that happen to me because of being blind. This is my space to write and sometimes people will disagree with what I write, but its the one place I have in which to be frank and honest. I also like to reflect on the funnier side of life from time to time.
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5 Responses to Sad Sunday

  1. hugs
    awww, hugs that’s a shame. that sucks. i’m glad he’s found a job though finally. just look forward to the weekends when you’ll be together again.

    • melspooner says:

      Re: hugs
      Thanks for the hugs, I need them tonight. The most important thing was for him to have a job as being out of work didn’t suit him and I think he’d have got into a rut very quickly without work. I’m sure I’ll get used to the routine again, after all, we did it before, and plenty of other people do it week in, week out.

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