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Health and Safety Gone Mad … Again!

A Nottinghamshire school has recently announced that they will not be gritting a pathway into school this winter. Their reason? Because, if they don’t do it properly for whatever reason, they could be sued if someone gets injured on it!

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Response from Cowes Tandoori

Had a response from the Cowes Tandoori just after the four weeks were up. They apologised profusely and sent a cheque for £100. This is kind of OK, and hopefully, they’ve learnt something from that experience. However, we’ve suggested to … Continue reading

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Christmas Dilemma Solved

We’ve finally sorted Christmas out! We’re visiting my parents and my partner’s parents are visiting us, so a compromise has been reached and all are happy. Looking forward to it again now!

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No Response

The Cowes Tandoori have decided not to respond to my original letter four weeks ago regarding their not allowing me with the dog into their restaurant. They’ll therefore be getting a second letter tomorrow, asking them to respond within seven … Continue reading

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