Are we particularly infested with them this year, or do they all live in my garden?

Each time it rains, and lets face it, that’s quite a lot of the time at the moment, my garden seems to become a veritable snail leisure centre! They saunter along my path discussing the latest hot gossip in snail world, before relaxing in the snail chill-out zone which is Jade’s bowl.

The problem with this is that it is turning me, unwillingly, into a snail serial killer. I went out to my bin the night before last and squashed four on the short walk there and back. Then when I bought jade’s bowl in and ran some water into it, I drowned the fifth.

Anyone know how to translate ‘beware of the blind person’ into Snail? Anyone got any advice as to the best way of reaching the Snail community with this information? Maybe an advert in the ‘Daily Snail’!


About Mel Griffiths

I live and work in Nottingham, England and am blind. This blog is often centred around things that happen to me because of being blind. This is my space to write and sometimes people will disagree with what I write, but its the one place I have in which to be frank and honest. I also like to reflect on the funnier side of life from time to time.
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