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I’ve just read something interesting and I thought that info might be useful for you, please read it here view message

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Well, it can if you have multiple of the same class but the real issue is that weapons have telemetries and get exp from kills and can be switched around, plus weapons you need to keep leveling up as you get more. Most people just sit on armor for a while maybe change out one piece. As it is, it takes two days max to lvl a weapon with three characters all bounties nightfall and telemetries. Would be broken if daily counted to- would take only one day to do.

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Take a look at this stuff, it’s so funny! I couldn’t stop laughing, read it here open message

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I pointed out a rail on a roller coaster to an employee that came unbolted. About an hour later the roller coaster fell off the track with some kids in it. They didn’t get hurt but still I was shocked that they would not fix it and continued to let people ride it. It was a small kiddie coaster and they only fell maybe 5 feet but still.

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I’ve been looking for some cool things and I’ve found that nice stuff, please take a look website

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Coming from StarCraft, the professional scene have had exactly the same stories. We have had peoples careers crushed by carpal tunnel and hand / back injuries.


Stretching is super important! There are lots of wrist / forearm exercises that counteract these injuries. Having strong and healthy arms / hands **WILL** prevent this from happening!

Posture and making sure you hold your controller in ergonomically ways will also hinder these kinds of problems!

**We are professional players, we must treat our bodies in the same way**

Sure, our competition is not nearly as taxing on the body as traditional sports is, our competition is 95 certain that these problems can be completely worked around with the right care!

We really should give this subject more attention if we want the best for our beloved pros!

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I just read an article that you might be interested in, please read it here

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☀a couple of nice things

Hey friend,

I’ve been looking for some cool things and I’ve found that nice stuff, please take a look

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